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Originally Posted by PhiSig1071 View Post
It's a little ways out of Tucson, but I really enjoy Arivaca road and Ruby Rd as a nice DS/Big bike route. Take 19 to KP48, Amado exit, take Arivaca Rd to Arivaca, then turn south and take the left split and stay on the main road til you hit Pena Blanca lake. I always turn around and double back, but from there you can hop on 19 and slab it back to Tucson.
Just to add to it, you could take the continental road on the way back out to madera canyon area all the way through to 82 near sonoita, then take 83 through the lovely winding mountain roads back into vail/Tucson.

Or would that road across be a bit much for larger DSers?

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