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Charlton County - Folkston, GA

Location: Folkston

Date Built: 1928

Architectural Style: Neoclassical Revival/Georgian Revival

Designer: Roy A. Benjamin

Other Information: It is not clear what served as Charlton County's courthouse for the first two years after its creation in Feb. 1854. The legislature had provided that Trader's Hill served as temporary county seat until a county referendum could be held in April 1855 to choose a permanent county seat. In that election, voters chose Trader's Hill -- but the county did not have sufficient funding to build a courthouse. In March 1856, the legislature authorized the Charlton County to levy a special tax to fund construction of a courthouse and jail. Subsequently, a two-story wooden courthouse was built in Trader's Hill. That building burned in 1877. Presumably, a second courthouse was built, though details are missing out as to when and the building's appearance and composition. In 1901, the legislature designated Folkston as the new county seat, and a courthouse was built here in 1902 (see postcard). That structure burned down in 1928, and the current courthouse was built the same year. In 1978, an annex was added to the courthouse.
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