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Advertising board of a local gift and flower shop…90 steps that way -->

Many of the places leave us open-mouthed.

As we were about to find out…there lives a BLOODY BIIIG GOOOONG in that spire...arghhh, make that a whole family of GONGS!!
And from 6 am those friggin GONGS have you standing straight in bed every fu^%ing 15 minutes, hands clamped over ears and ready to flog every piece of skin off the bastard who's GONGING the living shyte outta that little town. Bulldoze that damn church tower to hell, I say… AMEN!!

What the..?? It's a boot-scraper!! When there's that much snow in winter caking the boots that one would fall on his arse skating along the floorboards inside. Not really needed anywhere in Oz, but obviously quite a good idea around here.
Wouldn't that be something for the Oz Health+Safety guys to sink their teeth into….uuuhu yeah!

Above the door: A hearty Welcome
On the door: (dialect) Closed today

Neat looking fire hydrant

Time for a nightcap...and Tim dropping into another of those air-pockets.

Hey!!! No trip without Ducky, our Good-Luck charm, right?

Might as well be part o' the bunch, aye!!

Ducatisti's never quit!! Yeaaah, bollox…

Oh boy…tough times ahead.

It sure ain't the first time for those 2…

Tomorrow: Storming "The Lenzburg", watching the locals at play, traditional crafts and a general wander and wonder before grabbing the bikes and lacing up for the starting blocks.
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