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The restless night finally turns into deep sleep…jetlag, time difference and 48hrs with barely 60mins of sleep taking their toll….juuuust when the big GONG in that church steeple reckons it's time for a new day in Oberentfelden and proceeds to GOOONNNNG the friggin paint of the walls.

Hoooly Mother!!

Then the first tram screeches to a stop just outside…and that 's IT!!

Having anticipated something like this is the reason for a "rest-day"…and starting the official bike hire on Monday morning.

Saves paying for an extra day that'd finish up with very little progress anyway and that in a state of "semi-conciousness" with a good chance of someone getting hurt.

Let's grab the local train and choof across to Lenzburg, a place that Marina from MotoMader suggested to spent some time at and have a look around, of course not missing the castle. She mentioned something about a once-a-year Historical Society Re-Enactment party up there, but what sort of chance would we have to catch that?

Low, grey skies…but dry. And somewhat muggy, just too warm and clammy for an early morning hour.
Bugger it, we're on.

Hey!! Some shires around here still seem to require pushie registration…I like that idea!

15 mins later

Walking into town from the station shows how industrial the area is and Lenzburg also being far bigger than expected. It all starts with the huge Hero factory that makes those little portions of jam used by the entire European hospitality industry, airlines etc.

Some impressions walking the Old Town….

A designated (self-labeled) smokers restaurant!! Cop that!

What's a Swiss town without a watchmaker? A wasteland!
Lenzburg CBD features at least 3…

The little Café we mobbed for breakfast…with the owner being forever apologetic for not being "ready" on a Sunday-morning for an onslaught of 6 Aussies.

He did bloody well!!

Watching it all…

"Oi!! Didn't you see the flying pig over there?"

Heh?? Yeti's in town??

Check the details in that shot…the Chef- cutout presenting the current menu of the small restaurant/ bar/ hotel…the thick, crooked wall at the right, which is not just the back wall of that house, but also the remains of the old City-Wall….the local knight-in-shining-armour over the hexagonal water-trough….all the tables and chairs, still set out from the day before. No vandalism, no graffiti…and apparently very little or no theft, as everything seems to stay out through the nights and across the weekends. NICE!!
….and unthinkable in Oz!

Look at those decorated eaves…and flowers, flowers, flowers everywhere.

A doll shop

A Dozen Years Of Adventures
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