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The top end of the old town…and there's the castle.

Hmmm…I think…I think I can see a pattern here!!
No shit, cobber?

Another arty-crafty rain spout

I've just got it in for that knight!

Let's see if I can get this right…
A magistrate's directive from the 13.April 1893 warning of a fine of 12 Francs (~A$12) for each occurrence of trespassing the described property. This includes trespassing by dogs, chooks and other pets for which the owner is responsible.

WOW!! That's one way to get the neighbour's chooks into the pot, I guess.
12 francs in 1890….I'd hand over the chook to the judge and hope for leniency.

There's a castle waiting up the hill….Chaaarrrge!!

Typically Swiss…a stroller-garage! It's slowly dawning that this isn't your ordinary Sunday at the Lenzburg Castle, but THE Sunday… the once-a-year- Sunday.

The Historical Re-Enactment Sunday, the one with ALL the trimmings!!

Candlemaker, the old way. Bees wax only.

Welcoming committee, local druid and all.

A traditional, old-style bow-maker…from whittling the green branch into shape, to the slow process of shaping it in a press, watering the wood as the clamps get tightened over the days. And this isn't a tourist thingy, it's a full-on serious business with bows sold around the globe!! This is awesome!!

Holy Mackerel…the place is pumping!

A Dozen Years Of Adventures
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