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So, as I look at all the bikes for sale in the flea market, I'm baffled why so many people want to make trades. Can anyone explain this to me? Is it simply the sales tax savings? What are the odds that someone has the exact bike that I want and that I have the bike that he wants? Very slim! For instance, I have an '04 GS 1150 and would love to get on a 1200 GS. Who out there wants to make that trade? This phenom just makes me curious.
I've traded all kinds of bikes. If I want a specific model and year, not so much. If I want a medium dual sport, perhaps a small street bike for my wife, or a big road bike for some trip, sure why not. A lot of times I just want something different. I would trade any of my bikes for a nice old two stroke street bike. I'm also looking for a big old beemer, or a plated two stroke MX bike. Looking for a cheap trials bike too. Any of them, a few months later I'm bored, be happy to trade it for something different.
Anything old and wierd gets special consideration.

Got one I want?
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