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Glynn county, Brunswick, GA

This is not the current courthouse. It apparently was replaced in 1991. This is the old courthouse, I did not get a picture of the new one, so someone will have to go back.

[edit]Jub said he was OK with just using a file photo of the new courthouse the old ones are more interesting anyway. So I finished out the post.[/edit]

Location: Brunswick

Date Built: 1907

Architectural Style: Neoclassical Revival

Designer: C.A. Gifford and E.S. Betts

Location: Brunswick

Date Built: 1991

Architectural Style: Neoclassical Revival

Designer: Hansen, Lind, Meyer, Inc.
Associate Architect: W.S. Ledbetter

Other Information: In addition to creating Georgia's first eight counties, the Constitution of 1777 provided that: "A court-house and jail shall be erected at the public expense in each county, where the present [constitutional] convention or the future legislature shall point out and direct." However, because of the war with Great Britain, it is not clear if this provision was ever implemented. In 1791, the state legislature enacted a law providing for commissioners to designate a site for a Glynn County courthouse and oversee its construction -- but whether a courthouse actually was built is not known. In 1817, the legislature authorized county officials to levy a tax to build a courthouse, but again it is not clear what happened. In Dec. 1825, the legislature authorized the county's superior and inferior courts to meet in the Glynn County Academy. The law also made reference to "the house formerly occupied as a court-house at Brunswick," which suggests that Glynn County did not have an actual courthouse at the time. A courthouse was built at some unknown date, but apparently it was less than satisfactory. For example, in Dec. 1845, the legislature enacted an act allowing Glynn County superior and inferior courts to meet "in the new academy building in the town of Brunswick, instead of the court-house." An act of Dec. 1849 allowed Glynn County's inferior court and the court of ordinary to meet in the county clerk's office "instead of the Court-house."

For the following three decades, Glynn County apparently functioned without a real courthouse, instead renting space for use as courtrooms. Finally, in 1883 county officials authorized construction of a new courthouse. In 1884, the new three-story brick courthouse was completed (see photo). Twelve years later, it was badly damaged in the great hurricane that hit Georgia's coast in 1896. The following year, county officials began a campaign for a bond referendum to finance replacement of the damaged courthouse. However, that referendum failed, so the 1884 courthouse continued in use.

Construction of a new courthouse was completed in 1907 (see photo). This building was used until 1991, when a new courthouse was completed across the street. In the mid-1990s, Glynn County built the W. Harold Pate Courthouse Annex several blocks away (see photo). Renovation of the 1907 courthouse was begun in the late 1990s, with the intent to use the restored building as offices and a meeting hall for the Glynn County Commission. Completion of that project was subsequently delayed on several occasions due to lack of funding, and as of 2000 is still not complete.

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