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Originally Posted by Barike View Post
Might be a bit off the wall, and not likely to find the info I'm looking for, but my Google-fu is failing me today. Is there someone local that'd be classified as a suspension guru? I read about and hear about y'all that go to track days, and there are guys there that have years and years of experience and set up the suspension properly for rider/track/other-variables-I-can't-think-of. I've got 1500'ish miles on the bike now, and am looking at going out to TN around Thanksgiving with family and doing some riding while out there. Just been thinking that now maybe it's closer to time to get the suspension set up for ME rather than OEM. Haven't found anything online yet, so thought I'd turn to local knowledge.

Couple other things, I ordered some Michelin PR3's today, vague memories of tire mounting capabilities of an inmate, but that's as far as my brain goes it seems?

And secondly, looking to trailer the bike most of the way out to TN, is there anyone that has a SMALL trailer that I could borrow (I'll gladly pay some rental fee!) without my having to rent from a full on business? Will be putting a hitch on mum's van (which is the vehicle we'll be using) it's rated for a Class 2 hitch. And my bike only weighs 400~ lbs. I just don't really want to buy a harbor freight (as that's about all I could afford) trailer and have to drive so slow for what's already a 10-14 hour trip.
I've had 2 bikes done by house of horsepower in OKC. They are a part of cannon race craft who supplies springs for a ton of retailers. They did the suspension in my crf250x, xr200r, and the fork springs on my klr650.
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