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Originally Posted by The Griz View Post
It's completely realistic and normal that the temp inside that box would be 130 degrees F after a 15 minute idle with no air movement.

My guess is that on the road that temp will be more like 90 degrees F......with the wind in its sails ya know.

What was the standing air temp when you did the 15 min idle?... Also a factor.

I'm about ready to pull the trigger on the Doghouse. Given its obvious position in relation to the engine I would store tools, tire repair kit, or maybe my MSR backpacking stove in there.... in other words, metal items or items that aren't harmed by 90-100 degree heat. With the tools and other metal objects that one carries on an adventure bike this is still a great addition to the 990.

Just to be clear, no criticism was intended, implied or otherwise. Of COURSE it's gonna be hot in there; I was curious just HOW hot. ambient air temp was 51 f during the test.

As noted, there's too many variables for this to be any more than just an isolated data point. I know the fan runs a lot more in traffic than it does during the 15 min idle; not sure how that translates into doghouse temp. Also, doghouse was open during the idle, rather than "sealed" by the seat....really no clue on this.

It's useful space for sure and it'll be staying right where it is for the foreseeable future!


That said, I loaded a power-tripp/cpr "fusion" map today and went for a ride. I didn't get to really wring it out due to the type of ride, but I can definitively say that the snatchy throttle at small throttle percentages is improved significantly; it seems quite strong on top and happy to rev. Since the ride was 50% dirt with a total novice rider on a dr650, and I had my 9-year-old daughter on the back, this was a great test for the snatchy slow speed throttle. Plus, I'm SURE I got like 90 mpg....

I'm hoping to get the bike on a dyno with basic exhaust gas analysis in a couple of weeks, but no promises. Life keeps getting in the way. That said, this map feels really, really good. No lean surges, smooth response everywhere, happy to roll on and pull at pretty much any RPM/throttle percent that I've tried. Early days yet, but feels GREAT.

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