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Another GOOONNGY wakeup, but this time nobody minds. There's a busy shuffle and bustle for the lift, the little cage is bursting at the seams with panniers and gear.

Being a Monday, breakfast is part of the deal again and at the sight of the offerings turns into an extended hot-battle-at-the-cold-buffet-affair, whroohoo!

Finally it's time to prod the clouds out of the way, dodge a few solitary raindrops and tack south. Having worked out a local bypass route via Staffelbach and Reitnau, we're into the single-laners and off the main roads within 10 minutes…beautifull, little roads with the occasional tractor the only traffic. Just south of Uffikon, a narrow road cuts underneath the A2 Autobahn, then creeps across some low, rolling, "FAT-green" hills south to Wauwil.

Known locally as the Chaetzigerhoechi (dialect for Cat's Hill…or something like that), I'd read about it and seen a few pics, but it had been from a ride in the other direction.
Still…despite the maze of tiny, sealed roads all across those hills like a cobweb, a route of a lousy 6km in total shouldn't be too hard to find, eh?

The friendly guy on the treadly nearly keels over when he hears where we're hailing from, then offers friendly advice and a shortcut " that'll be fine with the bikes".
Oh Jeez…that phrase has nearly always gotten us into the shit in the past!!

Soooo, it's a mix of following the advice and with some gut-feeling-turning-into-shaky-bravado that gets us up the hill via some "stabilized grass track" type of thing.

Yo, coming out of that bush down there…and as always, reality is a fair bit steeper that digicam-optics are able to show!

The rest comes together just fine and it's a sweet, little hop across the deep-green hills and paddocks to Wauwil, picking up some easy main roads from here. With good weather, we're supposed to the the Alpine Main Ridge from here, hmmmm...

Wollhusen, Entlebuch, Schuepfheim…then south again on the Rothorn Panorama-Road towards Soerenberg.
Clouds are getting lower and lower, this isn't just a get-together of a handful of blackbellies up there…this is SOLID shyte!
Panorama-Road…my arse!
Still, it's a nice, easy ride up the valley to Soerenberg, a well-known family ski-resort.

Things get narrower and wetter as well as COLD on the easy climb up the fairly shallow Glaubenbielen-Pass….it's just AMAZING where those local Post-Bus drivers take those big monsters,… certainly taking public transport to a whole new level.

Even if the rain has stopped's time for a cuppa.

What might those 2 school girls think, hearing the strange tongue and banter…

The Bruenig Pass is shallow and short…and being a main route, busy with busses and trucks…off to Hasliberg then for the narrow Hohlfluh road into Meiringen, finishing right at the local Dairy for some of those incredible Quarks and Yoghurts.This is heaven for the taste buds, folks!! Just devine!

And the hazelnut is on special…this is better than a birthday!

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