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Today we just went for a ride all around town its not real big but there is a beautiful wetlands area not far out of town and if your into birdwatching you would probaby love this area at certain times of year, but its not for me the birds I like watching arent around here.

OMG I cant even get any quiet time with my baby without someone taking pictures, bloody paparazzi.

I was running low on cash so we went for a walk down to the ATM and oh no not accepting my card so no money for now, fortunalty the card works in the shops so we went to the supermarket and bought some dinner which was ok. We weren't the only foreigners to have that a problem there was only 2 ATM's in town and one was down the other wasnt spitting out money so just make sure you got a little bit of extra cash for this section of the journey its obvioulsy not just fuel that is scarce around here, we changed some at our hotel so its not all doom and gloom if you do run out.

We were relaxing this afternoon and a dutch guy Phil came up to our door he was looking for the office and was pointed our way I guess anyone riding a motorbike is pointed in the direction of other bikers so we went out and had a chat to him for awhile. He was with 3 other Dutch crew heading to South America. After he left I went out the front and saw that they were parked down the road and walked down to have a chat to them. Andre, Phil, Marian and Edwin had met in an online group started by someone else who had planned the trip and they were the last surviving 4 that actually made the trip, the internet is so good in putting people in contact these days isnt it.

They are on a much quicker time frame than us and have till the end of Febuary to get down south after riding from Prudoe Bay in Alaska. We said out good byes after organising to hook up for dinner later and they went off to get a hotel a little on the cheaper side, in the end they payed 20 bucks for 2 in a basic room and we were paying 35 so you can get cheap accomodation if you want.

Ev and I headed out to the ball game for a look it was great to be the only tourists out there we were obviously being looked at and a few of them tried to chat with us all I've got is Gracious adios Amigo and a few other phrases I just generally ay Australia slapping my chest and kangaroo and they seem to get the drift and smile at this friggin lunatic. The mascot for the local team was hilarious had the crowd in stitches which made for lots of smiles and laughs.

This guy had represented Mexico and was pretty well received by everyone in the crowd

One pig trotter and coke thanks mate

A few hours later we met up for dinner, they are leaving in the morning, this isnt the town you would want to spend a day relaxing in if you had a deadline, there are much nice towns to do that in. Dinner was just burritos etc in one of the local cafes you know the deal open to the street rough interior but all the locals are eating there so its got to be good.

We walked up grabbed a few beers and headed back to their hotel for a chat and just relaxed there for awhile before calling it a night. We will ride with them tomrorrow and see how we go Mariane has only been riding for a few months so it will be slow going im sure but she isnt the first girl to be new on a bike riding around the world we have come across so being around her for a few days might encourage Ev it is indeed possible to get her own bike and do it.

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