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We got up at a nice hour to hit the road aroudn 9, thats got to be in my area of comfort some people are up at the crack of dawn to start off and if they had said that I might of been having second thoughts about going with them. They only ride a few hundred k's a day as Marian gets a bit tired and they dont want to push her, im sure the distances she covers will increase with time, she really has a great riding style for someone that has only just jumped on a bike a few months before hand and its a Vstrom 650 which is quite big for her.

Andre leaving on Guerro Negro on his F800 gs

Edwin leaving on his Yamaha

Mariane on her VStrom

And Phil on a Transalp

So on the road it was heading towards Santa Rosaria on the other coast it was only a 230k's away so it was never going to be a hard day at the office but we took our time and enjoyed the ride. There is a tropical storm down south at the moment I have been warned about it a few times and I talked to them about it they hadnt heard of it but we will be heading into or the aftemath of it over the next few days.

One of the little cafe's we stopped at for a break.

While we were stopped this lady came over to say hello and show her little grandson the bikes, adios amigo.

As we arrived in Santa Rosaria it started to rain so I was thinking to myself here it comes. Santa Rosariia is a different town again, obvioulsy, but with smallish streets, it reminds me alot of and old Australian country town, very different to what we have experiences so far in Baja with the wide open spaces and dust everywhere. There is a pretty big looking mining operation just on the outskirts of town and a port so its not the cleanest looking city but it really does have a character all of its own. We got a decent hotel and headed out for dinner in the local cafe which was nice enough, then we ventured along the main drag and into the back street and found a bar to have a few beers. Was sort of getting latish so called it and headed back to the hotel.

Heading out for a walk around town looking for food for dinner

The main drag of Santa Rosaria

Dinner is served

We were relaxing in the room with the door open and this guys comes to out door jibbering in Spanish Im going what the F*&k does this guy want he sounded pissed and he might of been but it turns out he was from the hotel and was trying to tell us we have to move our bikes to higher ground as there might a flash flood here tonight. The police had come around and had been telling everyone to get theres cars off the main drag. As he is explaining it to Mariane who can speak pretty good Spanish Ev was watching TV and down south there was people walking in waist deep water on the news, oh well looks like we found the tropical storm.

I looked on the satelite radar and it is due to come across landfall not far south of us around 11 tonight and after checking out how this road was built with canal walls along the side of it i can see where the water runs off around here, let the fun begin.

We moved the bikes over to the park across the road and then then the heavans opened up, the others were tired but me and Andre were keen to see the action so we sat up and jibbered on for a few hours and watched as the road started to rise with water. One of the local guys who was trying to move his car couldnt get it started so I headed over to help and with a push and a shove we clutch started it and off up the road he went waving out the window through the flooded road water going everywhere happy that his car was out of the rising water and out of danger from anything more severe, In the end and fortunately for the locals the flash floods didnt come it only got as high as the gutter so all good.

Woke up the next morning and the town was on the dry

Breakfast anyone

Santa Rosaria

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