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We woke up in the morning the bikes were all safe there hadnt been that much rain so the roads were all good, I had been warned about further south by David here on Advrider that the roads south of here are prone to being washed out and impasable but we didnt let that stop us from having a go.

The scenery around here is pretty damn nice.

We hadnt travelled far when we came across our fist water crossing, the road was gone but the water running across the road was only 6 inches deep or so it looked. We all stopped and I thought it didnt look to bad so broom broom off i go with Ev on the back only to hit deep gravel and down the bike starts to sink. I stopped and put Ev off beofre I got stuck and then slowly rode myself out of trouble. Ev had the nikon camera over her shoulder so I wasnt game to put it on its side and wet the camera it was easier with wet feet. I parked the bike there is no way Mariane is going to get across this one so I walked back through and asked if she would like me to ride it across for her and as you can imagine wshe was more than happy to give it to me. A little later we are all across and off down the road to the next one.

This time I stopped next to Mariane and said to mariane would you like to have a go at this one yourself it doesnt look so bad, so ok she was going to try. She didnt get 10 feet hit the loose gravel and down she went crashing to the ground, ok that wasnt such a wise idea but she gave it a go and was ok so all good. We picked the bike helped by and American guy Doug who had come up behind us and then pulled it to the side and after a few minutes it restarted and this time Andre rode it across for her.

Me sharing a laugh with our new friend Doug from LA while Edwin tries to restart Marians Vstrom

The worst was behind us from now on and we breezed through a few more with Marian gaining in confidence every time.

Doug breezing through another on his Gs1200

The Dutch crew and Doug the American after one of the small final crossings

All on the other side and after a quick chat to Doug and we were on the road again towards Loretto. We came across a few more water crossings but the worst was behind us and the rest were no problem at all. I had been told to stay at Malege so we stopped there for lunch, it was like being back in Mororco or along the Nile River in Egypt, palm trees lined the road and along the inlet to the waterway running near the town, it really was very pretty. After stopping for a little while it was back on the road towards Loretto.


We arrived in the outskirts of Loretto and stopped for a bit to eat and an expat yank came over and said hello and gave us a tip on a nice hotel down the road so we jumped back on and went off in search of it. It was a nice place 50 bucks a night for a pretty much self contained apartment somewhere you could actually get real comfortable in if you were going to spend time here. Ev and I did contemplate it but we have decided to ride with the guys south for a little while longer they are a great crew and we all get on great.

We headed down to town for dinner and found a nice little restaurant on the waterfront but only had a beer there as the prices where a little expensive so walked up into the main area of town and found a little place to eat. The centre of Loretto is really quite pretty I like it here and the town itself is quite different to the dry dusty places further up north.

Downtown Loretto

Buy a dinner plate and dinner in one spot here

Loretto Baja

By the smell of these puddles I'm guessing it wasn't only rain water flowing around in the streets of Loretto

Doug in Loretto

The new crew in Loretto, it's always nice to meet good people and these guys are great to hang out with for awhile.

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