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Originally Posted by SR1 View Post
Squelch, there are several on ROK Riders in the area. You and a girl named Ava should point your wheels toward Yangpyeong (oh stop whining and come) Friday and meet us there.
Considering it's like 5 hours to Seoul on the highway, I don't even know how far it is to Yangpyeong via backroads. The way I ride is to set my GPS to show an azimuth and try to stay as close as I can to it while I explore roads. It took me about three hours to get from Daegu to Ulsan using this method - I'm guessing Yangpyeong would be about ten hours...

Until I fully explore the roads around here, I'm not going to go hell-bent to get somewhere else just to ride similar roads. Maybe sometime we can all meet in the middle somewhere.

By the way, is this Ava person on ADV, or on ROK Riders?
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