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Originally Posted by Motor7 View Post
This another reason I would like to take a track class some day. Dragging a front brake while in a turn or leaned over goes against everything I have been taught and taught. I understand the theory which is fascinating.

You get style points for doing it clucthless THAT is a real bitch to get right. I almost always clutch unless I'm having a really good day.

...and trailing on the track varies by corner, some corners you do all of the braking straight up and down then tip it and back on the throttle, some you trail pretty deep, some S-turns you you "chop" instead of going wide in wide out you hug the inside after the first corner, and if you do it right you aren't really completely off the brakes until the second apex.

Then you have that rat-bastard lightbulb at NJMP, we like to call it never ending right and never ending left, the right is triple apex 3rd and forth gear into a heavy decreasing radius.....just to swap to never ending left which is 210* 2nd gear and decreasing radius. That third apex you are coming in 4th gear hanging off the bike as far as possible to brake and get downshifted for the decreasing radius, and there isn't room to stand it up if you are going faster than parade lap pace.

Fuck up never ending left you just lost like 3 seconds because its WTF all the way to turn one there.....and its wide enough that there are about 12 different line you can get through the left on.
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Show folks something with a clutch and carburetor, and it's like teaching a baboon to use a Macbook.
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