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Back when I weighed about 145lbs I bought a brand new Ninja 600c. I took my gf for a ride down to the 7-11, pull up in a parking spot, and before I can get the kickstand down the bike starts to lean over. I've got my left foot down but it keeps leaning... I tell her to put her foot down three times, she finally did when the bike was too far over for me to hold up. The worst part, aside from dropping a new bike, was the guys across the street cheering as the bike went over.

Same bike, same girl, went on a little off road excursion to a covered bridge. Parts of the trail was dry, and the low spots was wet and muddy. She decided to walk as I rode the bike back to the pavement. Yes, I got a little too close to a mud hole and the front end washed out. I think she was more upset about it than I was.
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