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Yea, I am IN!

I just can't pass up your Guy's shananagins! Or is that the new Guy's that pulls those?? Or maybe it's me??

We are going the right way, right?? Hitting Ajax mine first? If not going up Honda hill is something, well...I will save that for you all to determine... hehe.

This one time at Band Camp, I mean the 1st. annual Coke Ovens Run, it took us 12 hours and had to leave a BMW behind and ride out double, one guy broke his GS up so bad that it cost him over 3k to fix! As Buddy stated in the first post, this is not a beginner ride, unless you like pain. hehe....


Edit, 'Dos remember when Rob stopped and threw his old clapped out XR on the ground and turned it completely upsidedown to transfer gas from one side to the other and then could not get it started? Haha, good times...

Remember Zimmerman's brand new maiden voyage on that 690?

Word of advise, coming from experience, if someone offers up a "Bonus Route" quickly decline! This' gonna be good.
"If my Technique Improves, so will my riding"!

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