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Originally Posted by Motor7 View Post
This another reason I would like to take a track class some day. Dragging a front brake while in a turn or leaned over goes against everything I have been taught and taught. I understand the theory which is fascinating.

I think everyone should spend some time at a race track learning how to corner. I just about live at race track for 6+ months of the year and I've done a few different schools. I'm not the fastest, but I'm not slow and anyone who I race with will tell you I'm super smooth.

So my take on braking/downshifting:

Blipping isn't the only method for down shifting and matching revs. The method I pick up from Pridmore's Star school really works best for me. (you can find videos of it on his site) In short, you down shift before you roll off. Sounds odd, I know, but it works. It took me the better part of a two day school to get it, but once I did I wasn't bouncing the back tire on my R6 anymore.

All of my down shifts are complete within the first 10% of braking. But I don't fully release the clutch until I'm ready to tip in. At that point I'm trailing the brakes until I'm comfortable with my speed and that I know I'll hit my apex.

Once at the apex, it's easy to start to pick up the gas as you take away lean angle. Once you can see your exit point and the bike is about upright... it's WFO.
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