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So I have the week off and went for a ride today from VT over to the Adirondacks. I stopped for a break at Chapel Pond, and was getting back on the road. Checking for traffic, one direction has a limited sightline. Check both ways, particularly the "bad" direction, nobody coming, I pull out. Oops, here comes someone from the direction of the limited sightline. Must have been just out of my sight. No problem, I wick it up quick to about 65 to keep the car from having to slow down. Well, apparently Mr. Douchebag doesn't like the fact that someone could possibly pull out from a scenic turnout in front of him. I ratchet it up to about 70, and the guy is about 5ft off my ass. This goes on for about 1/4 mile, and I decide that Mr. Douchebag is just way too important. and I signal and pull to the shoulder and wave him by.

So now I'm following about 15 car lengths behind him into Lake Placid, and we both take a 45 mph back-road shortcut that avoids the downtown area. Well, that back-road goes by a school with a 25 mph speed limit. I slow down and he is pulling away.........In my mirrors, here come the flashing lights from the local LEO. The LEO passes me and pulls over Mr. Douchebag. As I roll by slowly, I flip up my helmet and tell the officer who is walking up to hand Mr. Douchebag a performance award that he tried to kill me 20 miles back.

I feel better now.
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