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You mean with the hack attached?

Originally Posted by PlanMan View Post
Hi RDT 953 , I subscribed to your thread a few weeks ago , and just caught up with everything that you have been up to in the mean time .
Amazing pictures and story , I will follow it with great interest .
I have also been on a 5 000km trip on Posties over the past few weeks , but mine has a Sidecar on it as you can see on the Oz Sidecar FB-page . After looking at your video and comments on some of the roads , how do you think this little rig would do over there ?
The recent trip to Vic and back to QLD was basically just a test-run for exactly what you are doing , we are thinking of riding all the way back to Thailand . The debate continue on whether to take the Posties or something a little bigger , maybe a Honda 200 AG , or even our BM 800 GS's , which I feel may be a bit heavy for this trip , your learned opinion on this subject will be much appreciated ?
I've seen one other hack so far and that was on what I think was a Honda 125. Choice of bike would depend on where you intended going. My little PB with my weight and about 40kg of luggage has handled everything thrown at it so far but I don't think it could have dragged a sidecar over some of the roads I covered in East Timor especially on the south coast and through the mountains there.
Of the 3 bikes you mention my pick would be the 200 AG as it would probably share many parts with other bikes seen in this part of the world and will have a definite power advantage over the Postie. In fact I saw a 200 AG for sale at the Super Bike races in Darwin just before leaving and I was very tempted to do a quick change of bikes.
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