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Day 108 109

Day 108

Made it to Maracaibo, Venezuela and staying at Hotel Caribe for 290Bs, it was late and I had not eaten since breakfast so the first one that did show up was good enough for me.

The border crossing near Maicao, Colombia into Venezuela is verily simple and did take 1.5hrs to complete, both Colombian Aduana and Micracion are at the same place but in two building across from each other, there is space to park at Aduana on the left and then walk across for other. Then drive to the front of this huge line up of Venezuela plated Chevy Impala's and every other old (60s 70s) piece of gas guzzling US metal, most of them are being held together with some make shift welding and parts from anything and everything attached (Mad Max style), sorry no pictures of the cars at the border decided not to because these guys are smuggling gas and goods to Columbia and back, I don't think they would like it if I took there picture. In front of this row of cars you will find the Venezuela Micracion for an easy hand over passport and get stamp. Next drive about 2km down the road for Aduana and have a copy of your passport, vehicle registration and drivers license with you, also show him your Colombian SOAT and he won't ask for you to get Insurance while in Venezuela, he will ask how long you plan to stay and I said 1 week and he gave me 30 days on the papers, okay that was good.
Some pictures of cars at the gas station.

The first thing you notice in Venezuela other then the bad ass cars is the amount of plastic bags along the streets, most shredded by the wind and stuck in everything, trees, shrubs, fences, it looks post apocalyptic and strange.

Day 109

The further you go from the border the less garbage you see, and the other thing you now notice is the huge line-up's of cars at the gas stations, I guess filling those huge tanks takes a lot of time.

Finally into the mountains towards Valera where I started looking for lodging, most places wanted 400Bs if you paid cash or 600Bs to use credit card, what a rip off. I had tried several ATM's but no money, so I figure there will be more small towns down the road with better prices and hopefully no extra charges.


After a while I find myself now riding into the night, until it is pitch black the small towns have no lodging so I keep moving on further into the mountains coming through passes with no roads from the washouts, after a couple of hours of this my body is starting to hurt from the strain and I need to stop often to gather more strength, navigating through gravel inclines is starting to take it's toll on me and I can't help but think how stupid this is for a few lousy bucks, by now it's 11:30 with no end in site, I have been riding since 8 this morning and I know I need to stop or I will crash on these roads so I start looking for a possible camp site, with a rock wall on one side and a steep drop on the other, there is not much choice but to move on. I have also been riding blind because my GPS has no maps of this area and all I know was that I was heading South West most of the time towards Saint Cristobal so I decide to take the next road that is heading North East towards Hwy 1. After another hour l I finally come to a town with a hotel and he is asking 150BS but was okay with 145Bs because that's all the cash I had. This place has no Internet no nothing but a place to sleep and I will happily take it.

More to come.

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