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Originally Posted by Eddy Alvarez View Post
I forgot to ask chance did you visit your MD or a travel medicine clinic prior to your adventure to get your vaccines and medicines in order? (i.e Hep A/B, polio, typhoid, malaria, rabies, Japanese encephalitis, yellow fever, etc...) Just curious as it's one of the things I do.
Hep A and rabies are not terribly uncommon in some of the places you have been. If you head south (SE Asia), you may be entering higher risk areas. If you use mosquito spray regularly, drink bottled water, cook your food well, don't pet the dogs/cats and wear a condom, you will be protected from a lot of bad mojo!
Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...Rock on Noah!

Helpful link:
I have all of the above. I had a series of shots before I left, and I finished them up in Dublin at a travel clinic there.

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How did the Japanese like your handle "RoninMoto"?

No problems.
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