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It was my birthday today so Ev let me sleep in a bit but when I headed out of the room I found printed copies of my picture pasted around the hotel with happy birthday on them. After catching up with the guys and having a laugh we headed out for breakfast and the guys had bought me a birthday cake as well so it was a really nice way to start the day mmmmm cake for breakfast right up my alley. Cheer guys and thanks sweetheart.

The ride to La Paz is 360km we werent ure how many times we may be stopped by water crossings as this was the region the storm crossed the other night but the first 100k's from Loretto is up through the hills and such a nice ride with no sort of water issues. The beaches are beautiful along this part of the coast.

It is beautiful around here.

The road then turns inland and becomes flat try and long again and the last 250k's is flat boring riding. My back and neck were giving me quite a bit of grief today and at one point I pulled up next to Phil and he shouted I could do with a massage and I said, ive been getting one for the last 10 minutes maybe he saw Ev's hands on my neck. The funny thing when I get a neck rub off Ev whle im riding it puts me to sleep not the wisest thing to do.

We stopped for petrol and a drink and came across this young Aussie guy from my home town in Byron Bay riding down to Chile, we later caught up to him in La Paz and you wouldn't believe it he had left Tijuana without his tourist card and unless he can find someone really really nice over at the airport he will have to ride the 1500k's back to Tijuana to get it, its one thing that gets a lot of people down here they cant get on the ferry to mainland Mexico without it, I haven't seen or heard from him again so I can only hope he had some luck with it in La Paz its a damn long way back just for a 5 minute thing.

Left to right Me Phil Andre Doug and Edwin chillaxing out of the sun.

Whose the boss now big boy

As we neared La Paz we were all getting pretty hungry and thirsty so we decided to stop for a quick bite to eat and drink in this little roadside café.

Ev making some trucky mates just in case I dump her on the side of the highway

Ewa practicing up on her Espanyol

They probably don't get to many tourists stopping here as its only 30 k's to La Paz so basically most people would just get into town or pass it by when they leave which is a shame they are a really nice friendly family and we had a lot longer break than we were expecting to when we first pulled up. I think we all enjoyed it, Ewa said the old guy reminded her of her dad.

Crack a smile big fella it doesn't hurt

We arrived in La Paz and it really it's much bigger than all the others and it is just beauitful. We went and had a drink whle Phil went in search of a cheaper hotel somewhere after getting a price he wasnt really happy with, there was a few right on the waterfront for 70 bucks with secure parking so in the end that's where we are.

Ev and enjoying a mango smoothy while we waited for Phil

We headed out to dinner and had a beautiful dinner meeting a crew of fellow travellers who we had stopped and chatted with this afternoon, Johnny was from Colorado and had ridden down through Copper Canyon which sounded great a little hair raising but amazing all the same. He told me that I shoudl ride the Devil's Spine over from Matzalan which I will do that when we get over to the mainland. Yeull was from San Francisco and has plenty of bikes and is looking to maybe swap his bike here in the states for someone over in Oz for a few week tour, He was with an Italian guy who I didnt get much of a chance to chat to throughout dinner and the night.

All in all a fantastic way to spend my birthday with a great crew of people and on my bike riding, just perfect.

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