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Edit: Having started the text before finalizing the pics for this day, I just realized that there's an abnormal number of photos…and GOOD stuff!!…ditching the last 30 or 40 was a bit painful, they really were too good to ditch and easily prime material for a parallel yarn.

There's still over a 100 for the day though…so I'll split the day the way it unfolded on the road.
2 key-loops, 2 major areas. One along the southern fringes of the German-speaking Wallis, the other into the northern French-speaking area of the Valais (same valley, 2 languages from a certain location onward)


The 7.30 breakfast roll call can't come around soon enough…but things aren't looking much good out there. The blanket of low cloud has barely lifted an inch since last night.

Just when grabbing the maps to take down to brecky to knock together an alternative route for the day (not that there are a lot of choices being in a strict east-west valley with high mountain-chains to the north and south) another look out the window shows THIS!

And with it comes a big, FAT SMILE!!
If I still know my mountains, we're in for a RIPPER of a day!!

Feet are flying down the stairs and into the breakfast room in a flash.
"Yeah, mate…seen it, too…whaddaya reckon? Any good??"

"Bloody oath, mate!"

Striking the Binn valley off the wishlist, it's first a bit down-valley via the main drag and still under the low, grey cloud, even a little drizzle, to Visp…where centre-town roadwork's prevent access to the Zermatt-turnoff.

Bugger!! Gotta find some way around town, and then try to sneak in through the little back lanes of the outer ring of town.
It works!

10 mins later we're carving south, up the Vispa River on deserted roads.
The odd crack in the clouds is jam-packed with promises….some small blue holes, the mountains white-dusted halfway down into the valleys….if this opens up as it should, we're in for something real special!!

Main valley Visp (A) to Turtman (D) about 14k's….our way via Toerbel and the MoosAlp along the High Balconies… about 70k's. All tight…TIGHT!!..., all twisties, all single-lane!!

Add vistas out of a storybook, the sounds and smells of bell-wearing sheep, goats and cows and you've got yourself a fairy world before the cloud-circus up there adds the heart-tearing light show.

Come along for one cracker of a morning then!!

Starting the climb to Toerbel…Tim doesn't know what he's up for

Andrew setting it up…just as the fog cracks open.

Oh yeah!!

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