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To the mountain we go

Up at 0330 for the run up the mountain with PB stripped of all luggage it was pretty much in race trim. Got up there nice and early and the sky over the mountain was crystal clear with bright shiny stars twinkling away however off in the distance were a couple of big thunder heads with flashes of lightning every so often. Headed up the mountain and waited for the dawn as the clouds and other visitors arrived seemingly together.

Clouded house photo R_CLOUDSKALIMUTU.jpg

A couple of enterprising locals set up shop with tea and coffee on sale for $1 a cup.
He could have found a small knife to peel ginger. It must have taken about 2 seconds for someone to quip "that's not a knife" Crocodile Dundee immortalized with one line.

 photo R_NOTAKNIFE.jpg

Well the clouds and wind di the right thing and just as the sun got up the clouds cleared for everyone to get some lovely shots.

Kalimutu green lake photo R_KALIMUTULAKE1.jpg

Twin lakes Kalimutu photo R_TWINLAKES.jpg
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