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This is what happens WITH the best boots and knee braces that money can buy!!

I broke my Tibia and Fibula and tore my rotater cuff so bad I had to have cadaver parts installed, 3 operations, one plate with 9 screws, a 16 inch long Titainum rod, and 9 days in the hospital.

The shoulder was the hardest to get over, still only have about 75% use of it, but Praise God it is doing better all the time!

I just can't say enough about ATGATT!! it saved my life on this one. My EVS Web knee brace was totaled out as well as my Klim helmet.

Dress for the Crash, not the ride!!

Enough said.

So, let's ride!!
"If my Technique Improves, so will my riding"!
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