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ooh ooh.... This one is easy.

NEVER coast in a corner. You have a harder time turning in if you are coasting and you have less clearance if you are coasting mid corner.

Much safer to be on the gas.

My scarest moments at the track have been when I've hit a false netural or actuall netural and couldn't get on the gas in the turn. It's the only time I've dragged hard parts in a corner. (well, before I started racing the 250, but that another story)

I know you asked about traction, but if you don't have clearance. Traction doesn't really matter. It's also easier to lose the front coasting, need to get more weight transfered to the back tire, (larger contact patch) as soon as you can.

Originally Posted by beendog View Post
This is as good a place as any to pose this question:
Do you have more traction in a turn when you are coasting with the clutch in or when driving the rear with maintenance throttle.

It seems to me that coasting does, because you aren't consuming traction at the rear to overcome wind resistance, but I have been wrong before.

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