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Near death experiences?

This was yesterday evening. The light turned green, I was turning left and had the green light and green arrow. Across from me and at my left are cars sitting at the red light. No one is at the intersection to my right, but just beyond the intersection is a railroad bridge going over the street that you can't see past.

So I start turning through the intersection and caught movement to the right out of the corner of my eye. I grabbed the brake and almost fell over, and a large SUV ran the red light at 40 mph two feet from my front fender.

I have had a lot of fun riding around town the past few months, but I am thinking about sticking more to dirt from now on and giving up the commuting. I am trying not to be a huge baby about it, I love riding but I really don't want to get killed by some stupid asshole, and there are plenty of them out there. I feel like it's just a matter of time.
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