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Hey JD,

Looking forward to the new build. What diameter are the DRZ upper tubes? What size are late model KLR upper tubes? I take it the DRZ must be superior legs since they end up on your builds.
the DRZ forks have a number of advantages for a Versys based moto built for travel. cheap sourcing, huge aftermarket support, almost 12" travel, fully adjustable, massive 49mm stanchions, no steering stop issues, documented easy swap, and conventional design. why is the non-sexy conventional fork an advantage on a moto designed for long range travel on multi surface roads? the seals are located and pointed away from trouble, and if a problem does develop, the seal tends to weep, not puke the fork oil out the bottom like a USD fork. seems like a small point to make until you're on a trip with a leaking fork seal, and a long way from help. the DRZ stanchions are not a uniform diameter, and only allow about 25mm of adjustment on the clamping surface.

the late model KLR forks have 41mm stanchions, and are also a very easy swap because the 41mm ER6 fork clamps swap to the Versys without modification. if going this route, source ER6N clamps that use a conventional damped bar mount. these forks also have a lot of support, and also have a uniform stanchion diameter so that there is unlimited adjustment, an advantage for tuning ride height and handling. this fork and clamp combo was too light for me and the way i ride, but may be perfectly suitable for others.

the DRZs work great the last time, no need to switch.
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