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I know you looked both ways,but SUV's arent invisible even at 40mph.

Cars and bikes run redlights all day long,stopping is for the most part an option. I ride my road bicycle through town and I can hear them coming better then I can on my 1250 Suzuki,Ive sat at greenlights and watched cagers drafting each other through redlights one after the other.
The theory being if the guy ahead of me made it then I can to.

If a biker even suspects these drivers are watching out for him,hes dead meat.

Sitting at a greenlight for a beat or two while watching behind,to the right,to the left is a good way to stay alive in a car or bike.

Ive been riding on the street since about 1974 and have yet to be killed,but could be anytime as in or on any motor vehicle,but,the close encounters with maniacs in cars has gone down to nearly 0,the first couple years I rode on the street it happened pretty regular.

Every intersection is a death zone and should be treated as such.

(Having a hard time visualizing how an overhead railroad bridge would block your view directly to the right?)
Some bikes around at times
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