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Just back from the Harvest Classic Motorcycle show in Luckenbach, Texas. Was a great event and near perfect weather. Received my Micro Start XP3 the day before and plugged it in to be sure I had a full charge for the trip. Met the boys at Luckenbach and showed them the XP3 around the campfire and caught a lot of good natured ribbing about what a waste of money it was and it would never work, etc. Little cold front came through Saturday night, the temperature was 41 Degrees on Sunday Morning. The cold claimed three of the batteries and the bikes wouldn't start, 2 BMW'S and 1 Guzzi, all big 1000cc bikes. So out comes the XP3, hooked it up and immediately started all three bikes on the first try. Needless to say no one gave me any more grief about it, and lots of guys took photos of the unit and asked a lot of questions. Took it home and charged my iPad and iphone off it, and it still showed a little charge left.

A suggestion for the developers. The clamps that attach to the battery are a little big for motorcycle use, hard to get into the small, cramped places in motorcycles. We barely had enough room to make them work. I would like to see a more 'needle nose' type of clamp, I will be modifying the clamps to make them more motorcycle friendly. The cables could also be an inch or two longer. Would love to see a BMW accessory plug tip for the XP3, that would plug into the accessory outlet and would make it possible to jump a BMW without needing to access the battery directly.

Overall a great product, performed as advertised, the XP3 will be a permanent part of my travel kit.
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