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Well last year truly was a dream season. Riding with good friends, no injuries, and much success.

2013 looks to be another great year! I went ahead and had new graphics made to prepare for a year of getting my ass kicked.

I hit a stump while riding at Croom ATV park prior to the first race and landed on my shoulder. I goofed something up in it but still tried to ride the Little Brown Jug enduro the following weekend. that resulted in a severely bruised foot, so I'm not having much luck this year.

At this point I needed to heal up so decided to skip the first race and cheer on Haley! She spent the weekend down at our suspension tuners house/shop/track (Tom Flemming) trying to get her comfortable on the bike. Tom finally hit on the idea of lowering the bike after watching her struggle doing some drills. Eureka!..what a difference it made. Hecontinued to tweak the bike and offer advice over the weekend as she left with the anticipation of having a much better season...Thanks so much Tom!!!!!!!!!

Race #1 took us to Bartow, Florida and the CFTR Badlands HS. Haley has decided to go back to racing Junior girls as there were more participants showing up this season, She had 2 other girls in her class and 33 riders total on her line! There were some nervous parents watching as the big class all funneled into the first corner.

As I watched her disappear out of sight my wife and I exclaimed to each other" She looks like she's actually racing out there!"..

20ish minutes later she comes into view and really looking good.

At this point I'm really excited. Haley has ridden races in the past, but damn if she wasn't racing now! I wait for her to come by the 2nd lap with anticipation....and I wait...and wait...crap....where is she?. I hustle over to Lori in another section and hastily ask "What happened to Haley?" with that familiar feeling of doom. Lori replies"What do you mean? She just came by"
Seems she was looking so racey I hadn't even recognized her...haha!

She comes around to the checker flag and due to the scoring display not working you couldn't tell what place she was in,,seems it was 1st !!!

Seems she managed to beat 8 of the boys too as she won her class and realized finally how good a race can feel when it goes smoothly.

We're so proud of her !!!!

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