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Recieved the CPR stuff today and started looking at installing it but have a few questions?

Says there should be brass bolts with the blanking plates to plug something ....what? And there are no brass bolts:

Is it this intake thing that is supposed to be plugged?

Wont it be better to just plug the hose and keep it to balance things?

Before starting:

Sadly did not have time to finish it all but getting there, filter temporary in place to keep things from falling into the engine:

We changed the brass bolts for the black ones and those plug only two nipples that are connected to the canister. NOT the devise pictured. Leave that where it is. The stock bolts are re used and the black bolts go in the right rear TB and left front TB. KTM has been known to change things up so go with the canister lines like said above. Our Super Duke is like what we just explained and our Adventure is not in front of us but it is likely to be the same.
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