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To be safe use your battery charger set at 2amps for testing,electrical basically point to point. you will probably find it easier if you mark your schematic at each connection as you trace the switches on the schematic ,if not available use c colored pencil for claroity the ignition switch:
on- connects to various other systems and relays, trace that out, maybe make a chart with the connections being noted. start-to the interlocks(which you may want to disarm but before you do be model wise) start motor etc
if you do this before you start,by the time it is all done your understanding will have been to a point where you are ready to begin the connections. tie them when finished as close to the connections to keep the stress off them,separate- protect them from vibration and chaffing with additional looms.
dan mc online training will help here also. the owners manual has some info on switch positions and the related lights and switch positions needed ie kill to on,clutch in,stand up.
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