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Originally Posted by WAP View Post
I'm interested in hearing long-term updates. I've been attempting to run my phone (Virgin Mobile Galaxy SII) as a GPS instead of shelling out for a Garmin and I've been having terrible luck. Charging is the main problem. Shorting the data wires did not improve charge rate. I'm running a Burnsmoto USB port wired to an aux fuse panel. I think the vibrations from mounting to my handlebars (RAM finger grip type mount) have loosened the usb port on my phone. I'm skeptical about micro USB being viable for long term durability, but hope you guys can convince me otherwise. I'll probably be upgrading to a SIII within a few months, and hope it will work out better than my current phone. Definitely trying to avoid the $$$ of a garmin.
i think the main thing is to keep the plug from moving
I use a generic chinese 4.3 inch GPS that has a miniusb plug
witch less strong than the microusb and have'nt had a problem yet

I use a cheap waterproof box like this one:

It's a a snug fit with a 90 angle plug, once closed it dosen't allow for movement in the plug-socket connection.

Does the phone charge with the bike stopped?
if you jiggle the connection does it stop charging ?
does the phone charge on the move when turn'd off ?

I had a non-charging problem, and it turn out to be the charger
another cheap chinese product - yeah i'm cheap-
inside a capacitor and a filter coil got loose:
so i pull it apart on the side of the road:


fixed it with duct tape:

Uploaded with

worked fine like that till the end of the ride, and later i just re-solded
everything up and coverd it all with a glue gun

still working fine

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