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To Nameless

Fantastic start :).
And yes, i was interested in the financial part as well. I'm planning some trips of my own, and always looked at the 100/$ a day as an exaggeration, and it's great to hear about people enjoying with a lot less.

Keep posting your great photos

take care and keep safe

I'd love to have $100 a day with no financial constraints, but that just isn't realistic for most people, at least for longer trips. I'd rather keep my budget way lower, and travel for way longer.

In order to do this, I quit my job (middle school teacher), refinanced and rented out my house, sold my two Seattle motorcycles, and now here I am... Unless you have kids/people relying on you, or a serious medical condition, most people can do the same with a little financial savvyness. The year before I left, I also had to pay off a $30,000 student loan for my masters degree, all on my meager teacher salary...

Glad you're planning some adventures!
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