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Thread Sealant

Hey guys. I've read through this whole thread and see a couple of guys have tried using the Permatex 59214 instead of Mike's recommended 56521. I have completed my second go around with the provided Gasolia.

For both attempts I made sure the threads were cleaned with carb cleaner and a brush then fully dried. I applied the Gasolia after allowing it to cure for a 1/2 hour the first time and an hour and a half the second time. I then put it all together and waited 30 hours on the first attempt and 48 hours on the second. The results were the same. As soon as I turned the bike over a leak appeared around the Gasolia that was contained by the installed clamp. I only mention all this to let you know I am not a complete ID10T. My question really is about the thread sealant.

I live in Eastern Canada and am having a difficult time tracking down Permatex 56521. I can get hold of the 59214 quite easily but would like to know if anyone has any more feedback, good or bad, or opinions of the 59214 they could share?
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