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DAY 8: 2013 KTM Rally, Steamboat Springs, CO
Day 2 of the Rally

Dang! KTM knows how to serve up a delicious breakfast!

Today, the Rally was jam packed with riders and vendors.
The camaraderie on display was amazing for me to witness.
Everyone was so friendly, respectful, sincerely appreciative and genuinely helpful.

Jimmy Lewis was in the house doing demos.
Honestly, me being new to this realm, I had no idea who he was, until Mike gave me the 411.
All I knew, from what I saw was, "Damn! This guys is amazing with what he can do on the bike while moving and stationary!"

Got to see some "beyond cool" bikes. I'll let the guys explain, when they can, why these bikes are cool.
All I can say is, the stickers are awesome!

Custom welding work on this one was very cool.

We ran into Rob and Justin and showed them the pics/vids of Black Bear, Tin Cup and the Beaver Pond water crossing.
They cracked up at the crossing! The water, when we crossed it, was higher than when they crossed it when putting the COBDR together.

Jeremy bought a pair of side crash bar bags and bottle with holders while I got to meet and play with Black Dog and friends.

Mike bought some air hose seal/release caps (hope I got that right )...

Since the guys were doing their thing, I needed some wheels to get around town...

Jeremy drove around town with me for a bit.
He wanted to check out the other locations they were doing demo/lesson rides and we ran into Mike who took the riding class with Jimmy Lewis.

Our timing was perfect! The riding class was just finishing up then we'd grab lunch in town. This place was yummilicious!
Lunch wasn't included in the Rally registration price, just breakfast and dinner.

This ad is just so wrong, I had to post it...

Back at The Grand, the guys tinkered with their bikes and installed their earlier purchases. Russ, in the meantime, had been keeping himself busy with demo rides and lessons.
Jeremy taking off the highway pegs (which he would later sell because he never used them) to install the side crash bar bags...

Mike installing his airhose caps...

Mike celebrating for all the hard work they just did!

After a little bit of R&R... we met up for dinner.
We ran into a group of riders who had just come from UT via Dinosaur Monument and they gave us the 411 that the BDR route for that segment was closed.
We're going to try to meet up with them the next day to get some info on their alternate routes and look at their maps.
Dinner and dessert was awesome!

During the rally we ran into Chris & Kelly in their vendor booth. We also would run into them over dinner. Finally got a good pic with Region Riley!
I was also recognized as tuffenuff and greeted by Joel (NSFW) during the rally! But didn't get a pic with him. Next time, Joel!

Nothing like a little friendly competition to work off some of the dinner meal.
We first went into town for a little bowling action. I was not allowed to take any pics of the scores, but I got 157 & 122, not too bad considering
I was using a house ball and it was dark with just the disco lights running. The guys were mad and didn't want to play anymore.

Back at The Grand, the boys wanted to keep playing...

Mike ruled the Hockey machine. Things were pretty even with Air Hockey.

Russ and I participated as well. Thereafter, Russ didn't want to play with me anymore.

Well, the guys had had enough and decided to call it a night while I caught up on my journal and planned my day of touring tomorrow.
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