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not to rain on anyones parade, and IMHO Motion Pro makes the best tools on the market bar none, but there are a lot of variables to changing tires on these beasts. if you look at professional tire changers (like at AMA MX and SX races) I'd bet that all of the changers are using Motion Pro tools. And it's not because they get them for free, it's because they are the best at what they do. IMHO. :)

that being said, I might have to order a set and try them. I have the standard MP spoons for home use, and the aluminum ones for trail use, but having a bead breaker would be nice to have on other peoples tires. mine are easy to break. :)
I have used mine to change a wide range of tires, from a wide range of uses in a wide range of temps (30k of usage). These are great bead breakers almost as efficient as something like this
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