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yeah i have heard nothing but good things about the dr650, and i do like it. i sat on a brand new one at the dealership out near me and without the factory lower setting i was on the balls of both feet, or flat with 1 foot and toes with the other one. It will probably be the bike i move up to once i feel comfortable off road, but i am really satisfied with the xt225 so far, i love how light it is, right now im getting it ready for some off roading. i dont want to destroy it first time out so i have crash bars/skid plate on the way, as well as some moose racing aluminum hand guards. gonna get myself some knee/shin guards and elbow guards too cause im pretty sure im going to fall once at some point lol. any other things i should think about? at first im just going to start out on forest roads and stuff and eventually do some ohv trails and work my way to single trails i guess.

any tips to keep me safe and to keep the bike from getting destroyed or me getting stranded lol. thanks
My number one suggestion is to get some GREAT motocross boots. Im talking full race boots. I have Sidi Crossfire TAs and they have already saved me from a broken ankle once (and my ankle was sore the next day with them- without them I have no doubt I would have broken my ankle). This is especially important the more weight you have offroad, but an XT225 will break your ankle too. Not sure the equivalents to the Sidis I have in other brands, but look them up and try some on if you can. Totally worth it.

Sounds good on the bike farkles, and sounds good on the initial dirt road selections. You sound like you are doing this right.

If you are staying in the US, you might consider moving up to a WR250R. It wont have the torque of a DR, but it will do 80mph and its a very capable bike. Head to the third world though, and the DR is the ticket. The DR is a great choice for multi-state trips too. If you like being able to fix your own bike, the DR is much better suited to you than a WR. The WR is complicated but reliable and awesome. It really depends on whether you want a dirt bike that you can get to the trails with, or a motorcycle that can run some nasty dirt. Sometimes I take the DR out not even looking for dirt and enjoy it strictly as a street bike- plenty of torque, light to throw around, good visibility, soulful motor. Other times im headed for dirt- the DR is the best bike made at doing both IF you want simple too. The KTM 690 is great, but expensive, complicated, and SOME dont seem reliable. The WR is the bike if you want a dirtbike that can do long stretches of road.

Anyways, youre on the right path so enjoy the XT and figure out what type of dual-sporter you are for when you "upgrade".
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