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I had a GT380 a few years ago. It was a very fast bike. I traded a little Yamaha HS-1 90 twin & $50.00 for it.
It was a tough bike to start when cold, but once I got the proper sequence figured out, it started with the 3rd / 4th. kick. My older brother had a GT380 in the mid 70's that he raced in Dirt Drags...he won fairly consistantly.
My bike was "butt ugly" when I got it, but after some paint and a seat redo it looked nice. I eventually pulled the cylinders and found a damaged (over heated at some point) center piston & rings. Found parts cheap to then broke the plastic gear that operates the points...plastic was just old and tired. Parts were easy to source and not very expensive. I regret selling it....
I'd love to have a GT550 sometime. Did recently see an old GT750 Water Buffalo pretty cheap ...under a Grand and in running condition with 20k miles and a recent engine rebuild, but has cosmetic issues....


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