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Originally Posted by sailah View Post
You have basic tools like a nice multimeter?

Sitting down with a VERY clear wiring schematic, and using a fine pointer, start at the battery and start following along. Wiring is very logical. Once you learn the various symbols (there aren't many on a bike) AND what they do, it all starts to click.

Start with a basic wiring diagram like how to wire up driving lights.

Does this make sense? If not, what specifically? I think if you can take small steps in understanding the big picture will happen quickly.

Once you figure out the various circuits, you can break them down into reasonable sections and isolate them. Just looking at a full schematic without understanding smaller blocks of it is intimidating.
I have no tools. But I do plan on picking up a voltage meter and crimpers.

That diagram does make sense on how power travels from the battery to each light and out to a ground. But everything in-between the battery and the lights is more than I know.

Here's my situation as of right now.
First: I just wired in a tusk street legal kit to my crf. It was a simple plug and play off the battery. But I need to find out how to cut the wires to the headlights and attach them to the tusk wiring harness. It's simple, as there's 3 wires connecting the lights, and 3 wires coming from the tusk harness. I just need to figure out which ones are which. But I'm still lost on how to do this.

Second: The PO placed a pressure sensor on the rear brake to turn the rear running light into a brake light. He spliced into the factory wiring harness. My new tusk pressure brake runs right into the tusk wiring harness so it was easy to complete. But now I have the old brake wiring hanging out and I want to put it back to factory, and am unable to figure out which wires were factory and which weren't.

Third: I picked up a keyed ignition switch. Nothing fancy and it's purely a thief deterrent. I just want to connect it to my start switch which is only 2 wires. The keyed ignition has 4 wires coming from it. I don't know if I only use 2 of the wires, or 2 in and 2 out.

Fourth: I bought heated grips, and they've been sitting in my garage for over a year. I have no idea how to install these. I'd also like to see if I can provide enough power to power the grips, gps, and maybe cellphone.

I'd like to start out by wiring the headlights and eventually learning enough to set up my own "control panel" for my gadgets.
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