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6/11/13. Tuesday, I woke up at 2:45AM, started packing and made some coffee to warm up. The nights are cold; the sleeping bag is perfect, warm and cozy. I started to ride north but its cold. My temp indicator on the dash starts flashing, meaning the ambient temperature is almost freezing. The ground is usually few more degrees warmer than the air so I wasn't worry about it but I was really cold. I stopped and put the heated jacket and gloves and added a pair of pant & socks. I put the temperature on high for the heated jacket and the gloves......phew... much better. I can feel my fingers now. I continued few miles until it started to rain, the road is slippery but riding is manageable, I ride in decent pace. As I approach the Atigan pass I've noticed the weather changed to snow, sleet and mud. As I climbed the pass the view is changing, the mountains are almost all covered with snow. It's beautiful, in front of me is the Arctic, flat brown vegetation, at the back spruce trees, forest. I continue down hill when I notice on the dash the temp and the low oil level indicators are illuminated. I have extra oil with me but I’ll fill it in Deadhorse. The ride down the pass was horrible, windy, gusty, snowy, cold and the most frightening muddy as hell. At this point I see that the rain is constant so I'm riding at the very right of the gravel side at steady speed. As I'm riding I can see from far some movement on the horizon to the eastern side. I stopped the bike took the camera and look with the 300mm lens. Sure enough, a herd of Caribous… beautiful scene. I waited for a while in the rain, happy to see this wildlife and they start coming toward me. Yeh,,, this is cool. Way cool.
I waited about 15-30 mins, snap few pics and continued. The road continues to be slippery but I used to it by now. As I’m riding I see on the horizon white SUV on the road, kind in the middle of the road in the downhill direction. Kind of strange I thought. As I got close to the car, which is in the middle of the road, I've notice a man sleeping in the driver seat and the car has flat on the front left side. I stopped and asked if he needs help but he didn't speak English. Another guy woke up from the back seat and I asked if they ok and I informed them they have a flat tire. Both men went out of the car, one is Dutch the other from Denver. They told me they rented the SUV and do not know how to change the wheel. I offered to help; we got the manual to see how to release the spare wheel. In 30 min they were ready to go. We exchange information, few pictures and bye bye we go our ways. I finally arrived at Deadhorse, tired, exhausted, muddy, dirty, starving but happy. I went to the Deadhorse camp to register, and got some food as well. The Arctic Ocean tour is scheduled for 4PM. I'm tired, really tired. The Arctic Ocean is still frozen so no swimming… We saw a fox chasing a mouse and than we stopped at the Arctic shore for some pictures. The Arctic Ocean was cover with ice…. I was back at the room at 4:45pm, I was out cold for the night…

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