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Today the crew were up and packing, they were leaving today for Maztalan on the mainland, we were going to see them off at the ferry but after drinking myself stupid last night I thought ill just say my goodbyes here, well that was the intention anyway. 15 minutes after they left the owner of the hotel came out and said they had forgotten their deposit and could we ring them but with no phone I thought it will be just easier for me to ride out to the ferry and give it to them its only 15 k's away. In the end we came across Phil who had turned around after reaslising he had forgotten his money so all good. Since we were on the road and pretty much out at the port we thought we might as well head out with them to say goodbye and pickup our tempory import permit for the bike.

The permit took a little while, the girl was quering my photocopied paperwork but as I have no originals since they were stolen in the Czech Republic I pulled out the Czech police report and explained my situation and ok no dramas, photocopy this photocopy that and it was done. In hindsight I'd actrually suggest if you dont like giving your original ownership papers out go to a forign country where they have totally different language and just report them stolen get a police report in that language and you are set. It's worked for me twice now and im sure it will work everywhere i go i just point to some word on the page I dont even know what it means and say that is my ownership papers there, lol one day ill come across a Czech Japenese border guard probably.

We came back into town aftersaying our goodbyes again the crew what a great few days we have had with them what a nice bunch of people, it was afternoon by now and just relaxed then headed down to Katarinas for dinner with Johnny and Doug. I had the big chicken again it was bloody lush. We had a really nice evening chatting and having a few drinks. Doug called a night early he still had another days diving to go and had to be up early me Johnny and Ev hung around till around midnight then called it ourselves. Great company and nice evening again La Paz is really a beautiful friendly town.

The sunsets here in La Paz are pretty nice when there is a few clouds around.

Three motorcycle adventures riding around Mexico taking time out, oh ok I'm a pussy riding with a girl now but hey give me a break they have only been on the road for a week or two I got scared and lonely
Look at the faces it doesn't look like we are regretting the decision to ride around Baja does it

Dinner time at Katarina's here in La Paz

Andre's turn for the temporary import permit you do it at the ferry terminal its all done at the ferry terminal but word of warning MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR TOURIST CARD AVAILABLE ONLY IN TIJUANA OR ENSANAD OR YOU WANT BE GOING ON THE FERRY AND HAVE TO RIDE THE 1500 K'S BACK. I know no need to shout but if it helps ne person then its worth it. The girl at the desk said you may be able to get it at the airport if anyone gets down here without it but only maybe don't back on getting it there it's along way back if they say no.

The La Paz to Matzalan ferry.

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