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Today we decided to go for a ride around town to see all the other sites here in La Paz so on the bikes we got after lunch and headed off just riding aimlessly around town. Its not a huge town by any stretch of the imagination probably about say 5 to 10 k's from one side to the other but there is plenty of nice beaches on the northern side which we rode to and hung out for awhile. It was a Sunday so there was some off road racing going on which was cool to sit and watch for awhile, one of the trucks was absolutely flying along leaving everyone else in his dust was great to see. After watchign that for awhile we turned off into the back streets to see how the real world operated down in amounst it, was pretty nice actually not mansions by any means but all the house were pretty nicely painted and maintained, One place we came across was a fortress they obviously didnt want anyone strolling in their front door.

No one is coming in this door in a hurry.

I can see myself sitting on the porch enjoying a sunny afternoon beverage watching the turf wars from the safety of my own compound.

While riding around town today we saw a hot chick changing the oil in her truck and this girl playing with her remote control car down the water front, I think I like La Paz.

While in Baja you just have to see some off road racing don't you.

So we stopped for a awhile to watch the racing, I can hear the conversation going on from here, "Oh baby let me give you the gun show, Oh yes GI Joe do give me the show I like the big guns soooo much.

I can fight fire with fire here

It was a pretty nice day all round, good company with Doug he seems like a pretty chilled guy, we are going to go do some off roading with him over the next few days and down to a marine reserve down the coast where he wanted to dive some more.

I know I can hear you, take it easy Sheldon don't do it to hard, look I'm trying but its a dirty job someone has to do it and I've never been shy to get my hands dirty.

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