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Hey Chris, how are you doing? Can't remember where exactly we had breakfast. It was just a small town on the way to NM where we stopped for gas and warmed up in a cafe with breakfast and hot tea. It was a bit chilly that morning. I'll send you a PM later. Maybe see you in winter. Cheers Thomas

Hi Blaise W, we changed allready (look futher down). Those old Saharas were still lying around at home for years and I wanted to get ride of them. Not the tire I usually use on these bikes but I thought we would at least do the road to Tellico on them and then if needed get something better. It wasn't really needed (except for in the mud maybe) so we didn't bother to run around for others. Looking forward to the places where the more grip is needed. Cheers Thomas

__________________________________________________ ______________

Our final goal in NM was Albuquerque where we had arranged storage and had ordered parts and tires at a local KTM dealer recommended by several ADV riders in the regional forum here.

The roads were straight and we just rolled along.

To give us something to see some bisons showed up by the side of the road. ( my western memories came back)

And then straight on again.

Then we came through a national park with some nice scenery. I can't remember its name.

It was late in the afternoon as we reached Taos and decided to call it a day, look for a room, and get something to eat.


Sandra went for some small ribs.

Then we were off to A B Q the next day.
We had a couple of days but also some work to do before going home. On our way into town we stopped at the KTM dealer and made an appointment for a tire change. Then we went to the storage we had made a reservation with and did the paperwork. And then we checked into the hotel.
The next day was monday and sunny so I went to work doing part of the maintanance on the bikes in the parking lot.

Here I'm adjusting the valve clearance,

In the afternoon we had a look at old A B Q.

On tuesday morning we dropped off our bikes at KTM and swapped these

For these

With new tires and some spares we went to the storage did an oil change and changed the chains and sprockets.

In the evening we met some of the local ADV riders in a restaurant close to our hotel. I had had contact with one of them here on this forum and he arranged this meeting. After a warm welcome we had a really nice evening with (of course) ADV bike and travel stories.

Hi to all you guys we met that are reading along and thanks again for the lovely evening. We enjoyed it a lot.

Then it was time to store our bikes.

Here the first one goes in.

And then the second one.

Tight fit but big enough.

Then close the door

and lock it.

Now our babys are waiting for our return in winter when they are going to take us to Baja if all goes as planned.
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