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Having some success lately. The wife and I got up pretty early in Nogales in order to sort out our insurance and trade for some pesos. Not sure if this is a no-no but I'll drop a name here as it was Don Smith that we got the insurance from. He also provided reasonable exchange for our American dollars. We were also provided with information on what to do each step of the way to successfully enter into Mexico.
So we ride south and cross the border. As we are carrying on I'm enjoying the road and not really paying attention. 60 kilometers into Mexico the little lady leans up and says something like "Weren't we supposed to stop for a visa or something?" Darn it! So we make a U-turn and cruise back to the 20 km mark and pull into the inspection station and are immediately directed back to the correct cluster of offices where we fill out papers, get copies of all of our documents, pay the 400$ deposit for importing the bike, go back to the first office and finish all the formalities, ultimately losing an hour and bit of progress but probably for the best.

Once under way again we can settle in resting assured that if we are stopped by officials we should have most everything in order. The 15 going south is a fine mix of perfect pavement and shite pavement and everything in between. The morning is still cool but temperatures climb to sweltering over the course of the day. We crack on at 120 and stay there except for the ton of construction, the tolls, the towns, the topes, and the gas stops.

On our only previous trip into Mexico we only rode as far as Rocky Point but we soon found out that Mexico wasn't nearly as foreign to us as we had thought it might be. We reached Guaymas probably an hour before dark and easily found the Holiday Inn where the wife had booked the first real reservation of the trip so far. This place was sweet, not much more to say other than it was the nicest place we have probably ever stayed in, friendly staff, clean room and what not. Security watching the moto outside the front door.
For eats we walked the 250 meters to the Marisco El Rey and got some wonderful sea food for a reasonable price to nicely round out the day.

Today's ride was much the same as yesterday's. We knew that we had some miles to make so we cracked on at about 120 again and carried on south, slowing once again for construction, tolls, towns, topes and petrol. Occasionally a cager would blow by us at some great unknown velocity leading me to believe that while suggested speeds are posted the maximums are whatever a person thinks they can get away with.
About 762 kilometers later we roll into Mazatlan and easily locate the second real reservation of our trip at the Aguamarina. Reception was great, parking is "secure" on a chunky cobblestone lot. The room is a little stuffy and muggy but this place is on the ocean so I guess it is to be expected. After settling in with a refreshing shower we wandered up the street still a little bewildered by the volume of traffic. After a few blocks we turned around and walked back to the hotel to find food.

We're planning to kick it here for a day or so since the gentleman we ride with has flown to Guadalajara to re-assemble his other bike which he had painted down there. Once things start to come together we're planning to ride that direction and he will meet us somewhere on the outskirts so we can ride into the city together. We'll probably stay in Guadalajara for week or so since this guy has a few friends and is the co-proprietor of a business in the city. The plan for the way back is to ride into Arizona again to meet some friends that will ride with us back into Mexico to attend the annual Rocky Point Rally!
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