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Originally Posted by scootrboi View Post
BMW's penchant for one sided rear suspensions with easily detached wheels is a fine example of man's humanity to man.
Couldn't agree more. Despite of what I said earlier, all routine maintenance on BMW boxer is easy. I had a V-Rod, and wouldn't even attempt to check valves. My 1200GS just needed first replacement parts at 55k miles. Before that- nothing but oil, brakes and tires. No expensive chains and sprockets. I also replaced fuel fittings as a preventive repair, but who knows, they could last for a long time. The problem with BMWs is not in day to day reliability, but in the cost of spare parts.

The validity of CR ratings is another story. I stopped reading them 20 years ago. At that time I worked in a TV repair shop. Back then you could buy several brands of TVs with only cosmetic differences. GE was making GE, RCA and ProScan, Phillips was also sold as Magnavox, Philco, Crosley and so on. The CR ratings for them were all over the place. Their surveys are as unscientific as they get.

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