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Originally Posted by Gripsteruser View Post
Anyone sitting behind me, no matter WHAT I'm driving, will see me head-check both directions TWICE to be damsure it's clear to go. I've avoided being the T in the t-bone several times over the years. Some while people next to me took the hit.

The kid who did the last hit exclaimed "this is my first accident in THREE years!" Wouldabeen my first in FORTY if I hadn't seen you coming.....
Yeah,I do think a 6th sense kicks in at some point after more then a few years of road riding,the 1st year on a streetbike can be the decider whether you make it or not.

Going fast or even slightly faster in town is absolutely asking for a car to run you over,its not that they dont see you,they dont even look.
I enjoy riding bikes,not playing dodge-em with cars so I ride as little town as possible to get out and go riding.
I pity those who live in the middle of big cities,I refuse.

I ride mellow in town and I dont give a shit HOW much of a green light I have,I crane my neck around looking for the SUV blowing the red at 40mph.
Expect cagers to turn left in ft of you and that way you wont be surprised.

I stared one down the other day on my road bicycle,he was looking me in the eye but kept turning left on the red assuming I would dissapear I guess?

Magazine guys talk about ABS saving their skin time after time,I cant remember the last time I panic stopped on the street,its been many years.

Surviving the 1st year is the trick,educating your self if a new rider is another good trick.
Some bikes around at times
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