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Originally Posted by byron555 View Post
If these problems didn't exist, the WR250r would be the absolute perfect Dual Sport... this would be a sign of the end times as there is no such thing as true perfection
Exactly. Yamaha did us a favor - if the WRR were the perfect dual-sport, the sky would turn red, pigs would fly and the world would end!

I have 6800mi on the original chain slider (13/47 gearing), the last 1,800 of which I've been adjusting the chain tension using SheWolf's heuristic. Inch and a bit between the swingarm and chain, tighten it up and off I go. Seems to work OK. Once I did it up a little too tight and I really liked the way the bike felt (less jerky at low speed because less driveline slack, easier shifts as well) but I loosened it up a little after that. Scared of oil leaks at the countershaft sprocket, and all the associated horrors...
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